Our Melbourne Services – Shower Waterproofing and More

It is a property owner’s worst nightmare to have water penetrating through the tiles in the bathroom, laundry or balcony. Leaks, floods, movement in the substrate and grout failure can lead to extensive remedial costs and a lot of inconvenience.

C + D Waterproofing provides both services during the initial building process as well as remedial works. Our skilled team will remove your leaking shower, install waterproofing in your Melbourne home, then re-tile the affected area so that it looks as good as new.

Our services cover other areas inside the home such as the laundry, wet rooms/mud rooms, WC/toilets, garages and basements/cellars. Waterproofing is particularly important in basements because the water in the soil places constant pressure on the basement walls. If the water intrudes into the cellar, your prized wine collection may be spoilt!

Safeguard your Melbourne Balcony with a Waterproofing System

Balconies and terraces aren’t a part of the house or apartment that immediately spring to mind when you think about waterproofing. However, they are exposed to the elements and can get drenched with water.

C + D Waterproofing provides
balcony waterproofing for Melbourne
buildings of all shapes and sizes. The size and construction of the balcony or terrace will influence our selection of the waterproof membrane. We also look at deck movement, drainage, expansion joints, the materials used in the construction and whether there is a garage or habitable space underneath.

We specialise in waterproofing for garden roof tops. So if you wish to create a little green oasis while utilising your roof space, come and talk to us. We can select the most suitable system to ensure your greenery does not negatively impact on your living or working space below.

Other external areas of the property that we focus on include roofs, retaining walls, box gutters, water features, ponds/fish ponds, water tanks and tennis courts.

Our Preferred Waterproofing Products

At C + D Waterproofing we use the following products:

  • Latex reinforced membranes
  • Polyurethane membranes
  • Butynol membranes
  • Butynol sheet membranes
  • Sikadur Combiflex systems
  • Epoxy membranes
  • Fibreglass reinforced membranes
  • UV trafficable exposed membranes (for external areas)
  • Fibreglass resin

The sheeting membrane completely covers any imperfections in the substrate or backgrounds such as concrete, cement render, fibre cement sheets, plasterboard or timber. We will prevent water from seeping in or escaping out!

Discuss our Services Today

Whether you need to seal a small fish pond or a full sized tennis court, talk to the experts at C + D Waterproofing. Our Melbourne team replaces shower waterproofing
systems and creates correct conditions for idyllic roof top gardens. Call us on 0418 999 876 or get in touch with us online.